Get to know the world

 Global Generation is a non-profit organization established in November 2011. Its objective is to assist university students and youth to develop a global perspective through a greater understanding of the international community. We have developed various programs aimed at achieving this objective, including cultural exchange programs, internship and volunteer programs and human resource training programs. Our programs are designed to increase the general knowledge and global understanding of our participants. We believe it is very important for participants to gain such knowledge and understanding at an early stage of their educational development.


 We believe our organization provides an invaluable contribution to the educational, social and behavioural development of our students and youth.


                                                                        Takeshi GG Shindo

                                                                        Managing Director Global Generation

Global Generation's Workshops and Seminars

Below are some of the workshops and seminars offered by Global Generation


・How to succeed in job hunting

・How to best utilize your internship experience

・Tips on interview techniques

・Management skills in intercultural society

・How to succeed in business negotiation

・Venture business in Vietnam

・Leadership development


Organizational Structure

<Project Team>

 The Project Team comprises students and youth with diverse aspirations in life. Our objective at Global Generation is to assist them in realizing their aspiration by developing, among other things, independent decision making skills that will benefit them in both their private and future business lives.

<Advisory Committee>

 The members of the Advisory Committee include persons working for global corporations, academics and lawyers. Their role is to act as mentors to students and youth.

<Board of Directors>

 There are five directors on the Board of Directors. The Board's role is to formulate and implement an annual action plan and strategy.

Project Programs

  1. Human resource training programs
  2. Internship and volunteer programs
  3. Educational-industrial complex programs
  4. International exchange programs

Board of Directors

Takeshi Shindo   (Managing Director)

Motoo Hamada   (Vice Managing Director)

Tachito Tochigi   (Director)

Hidenori Eto   (Director)

Sakae Suga   (Director)

Name of Auditor

Misako Shibata

Annual Membership Fees

Member       Associated Member

Individual                ¥10,000                   ¥3,000

Organization          ¥100,000                ¥30,000

Date of Establishment

14 November 2011